Preparing Your Images

Image Size

For all categories entries should be capable of being printed at a minimum of A4 at 300dpi. This will require the original photograph to have been captured using a camera or other digital imaging device of at least 6 mega pixels, the image measuring a minimum of 2,500 pixels on the shortest side after any cropping. Digital scans from film are also eligible providing they meet the technical guidelines as described here. The size guidelines outlined above are minimum requirements. The submission of larger file sizes is encouraged if available (this will not affect the judging and selection process)

Images should be saved as jpegs at the highest quality available, 300dpi and using sRGB colour space.

Image Manipulation

All images should be the result of a single image and any major alterations should be avoided to ensure that the entry does not breach the competition rules as described under our terms and conditions (this excludes images submitted in the ‘Creative Imagery’ category where digital manipulation is actively encouraged). Adjustment to levels, curves, colour balance, colour saturation, dodging and burning, selective adjustments using layers and blemish and dust spot removal are all examples of acceptable manipulation. Excessive cloning out/removal of elements within the image, merging two images or more and replacing backgrounds are all examples of processes that will invalidate an entry in all categories, with the exception of ‘Creative Imagery’. The judges reserve the right to request a copy of the original camera file if an infringement of the rules is suspected. The decision of the judges will be final and binding.

Excessive sharpening and noise reduction techniques should be avoided. We appreciate that entrants will attempt to prepare their entries to optimise appearance and appeal on screen, and this may include noise reduction and sharpening techniques. Excessive use of either, or both, can result in an entry that will be unsuitable for printed media and therefore become invalid as a result. Ideally, both processes should be avoided during the preparation of your images.


We would advise all entrants to add contact and copyright information in the metadata of all submissions.

Submitting your Images

Once prepared in accordance with the above guidelines, images should be submitted via our online upload system to the selected categories and payment made for their entry into the competition.